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About our Director

Amanda Cottreau, Director of Celebrate HER

Amanda Cottreau, Director of Celebrate HER

Amanda Cottreau is a seasoned artist, accomplished community builder and director of Celebrate HER.  She is also a very generous woman with a conscious, intuitive, and consistent will to connect people.

In an interview with the Kitchissippi Times, Amanda shared how Celebrate HER came to be, “Originally the idea came about when I was attempting to organize my first CD release, Universe in a Soft Shell. I was also volunteering at Cornerstone Women’s Shelter at the time and trying to come up with fundraising ideas to help them meet the ever growing needs of the women needing to stay there.  I had tried to coordinate a fundraiser with some other women’s groups around Ottawa for International Women’s Day but timing and in-congruent vision was an issue.”  In 2011, Amanda official formed the organization Celebrate HER after the success of the 1st Annual Charity Soiree. “I wanted to coordinate more than just a single event but rather an organization that would celebrate women and support local women’s charities while still offering a gender inclusive experience.  I wanted to invite everyone, including men, to celebrate women and honour them without fear of humility or angst.  I wanted to create events that would support women but not to the exclusion of men and the transgendered. I wanted to invite community to gather and celebrate it’s own – virtually and up close and personally!”  It has since become her mission to use Celebrate HER and the events under it’s banner to do just that.

About the Organization

Celebrate HER is an Ottawa-based gender inclusive non-profit organization. Our vision is to facilitate greater social responsibility within our community. Our goal is to raise funds for charities and programs supporting women in the Ottawa area. Our mission is to raise awareness of women’s issues, support local programming, and honour amazing woman making a difference in our community.

We host events with conscience, rally community to support local charities & promote amazing women doing extraordinary things.  We feature local Ottawa women on our website.  With the intent of raising the profile of these very significant and honorable women, we also coordinate a variety of fine-arts presentations, including music, dance, visual art and spoken word poetry.

About Nominations

What does it mean to nominate someone?

When you nominate someone, you are wanting to recognize her publicly for her efforts.  You want to communicate to her that what she is doing is making a difference in our community. You want to share your gratitude and want to let her know just how amazing she is. You also want her to be featured on this website.

How do I nominate someone?

To nominate an amazing women simply contact us at info@celebrateher.org or use the contact form provided on this site.  Please be sure to include NOMINEE in the subject line as well as the following information in your message:

1. Tell us how the nominee has made a positive impact in our community and why do you think she should be recognized. (In 250 words or less)
2. Provide a link to a site showcasing the nominee’s work and/or press coverage of this woman’s contribution to the community.
3. Let us know your name and relation, if any, to the nominee (please qualify if you wish to remain anonymous).

Please note that one nominee will be selected to be featured each month.  It is preferred that nominees currently reside in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Nominees outside of the Ottawa area will still be considered and potentially featured through our other social media outlets i.e., facebook, twitter and blog.

What does it mean to be nominated?

When you are nominated, it’s the community’s way of recognizing your contributions and honouring the amazing woman they think you are!  All nominees will receive mention via social media outlets (twitter + facebook) and in an upcoming blog post on our website.

About the Experience


Participants in last years’ event share their feedback:

 Thank you so very very much for all your hard work and dedication to pull this together. It was an amazing day. I made new friends. Ate way way way too much of that fantastic chocolate. The certificate and the picture along with the stationary were genius! The music and the spoken word artistry really gave me so much energy.  In this world full of liars, con artists and manipulators it always does good for the soul to be touched by these truth-sayers because they teach us about our world. Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve given me the motivation that I will use when I’m tired…to pick myself up and to keep going. Sometimes working out here as an independent, you can get to feel unappreciated. Your award shines a light on my struggle from without and that is crucial.  What your award does for other people who work with me is it remind us that we are part of a greater community of people who are all working toward a better tomorrow. That all our energy and self-sacrifice are well spent and that our contribution is making a ripple somewhere…somehow. That means the world truly it does.  

Maria Hawkins, CHER 2012 Nominee & Performing Artist

 I have had the pleasure of attending Amanda’s events and can say that they were well planned, well attended and executed with flair.  Hopefully I will receive another invitation soon. 

Robert Smith R.G.D., Owner/Creative Director, Greenmelon Inc.