Donors, Sponsors & Venues


Chee Cha Puffs

Tracey Cadrin, CadCan Marketing and Sales Inc. CheeCha Puffs, water bottles and ladies golf shirts. FMV $800.00.

DK Guitars

Dmitry Kulakov. Donated raffle item, the guitar! FMV $2200+.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Colin Laylock, Branch Manager. Two – 3 Day Weekend Rental Gift Certificates(Unlimited kms and up to a full size car at any Ottawa Location). FMV $200.00.

Jasmine Aziz

Copies of her Novel “Sex & Samosas”. FMV $60.00.

Lauzon Music

Donated music lessons (piano or guitar). FMV $75.00.

Lilac Lingerie

Emilia Kutrovska. Donated lingerie gift certificates. FMV $150+.

Jordan Kent-Baas. 45 yoga mats, 40 gym bags, 60 water bottles, 60 totes, 350 pens. FMV $1000+.

Anna Funnekotter Three art pieces on canvas from her “Wall Candy” series. Value: $100.

Blue Gypsy Wines One bottle of wine. Value: $25.

Boston Pizza Orleans Dine-in Gift Certificate. Value: $25.

Canvas Restaurant Dine-in Gift Certificate. Value: $50.

Fil’s Diner Dine-in Gift Certificate. Value: $30.

K2 Martial Arts & Fitness 3 Month Training Package. Right now they’re offering one free month to everyone! Value: $600.

Michael Boguslavsky Massage Two one hour massage therapy sessions. Value: $160.

Pet Awareness in Laos @PetAwareLaos. Four admissions to the Haunted Walks. Value: $60.

Petit Bill’s Bistro Dine-in Gift certificate. Value: $40.

Stairwell Leo 2 hour Live Entertainment Package. Value: $300.

The Brew Table Dine-in Gift certificate. Value: $40.

The Wakefield Grannies Framed picture & decorative wall scroll. Value: $30 & $45.


Julie Cameron


Project Priceless

Jordan & Brian Kent-Baas – Official #CHER2012 Blogging Team.

Sweet Chili Design

Rob Dupuis. Brand manager and webmaster.

Lara Vaarré – Truffle Treasures Chocolate Roses at Cost. Value: $665.

Jane Desrosiers – VSP Printing Printing at 50%. Value: $400.

Julie Cameron

15 Mainz Translation.

Steve Perron

Sound Engineering.


Alpha Soul Cafe – Photo Installation/Live Music

Maxine Blackburn. 1015 Wellington Street W – Hintonburg.

The Daily Grind – Visual Arts/Community Arts Project

Krissy White. 601 Somerset Street W – Chinatown.

Flo Glassblowing Studio

Melody Jewitt. 957 Gladstone Avenue, Suite C – Little Italy.

Michel Ange – Visual Arts

35 Laurel Street – Hintonburg.

Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery – Visual Arts/Live Music/Dance/Poetry

Patrick Mills. 286 Hinchey Avenue.